I’m Basically Going To Live Forever and This Is Why…



“While the research is still young — it’s only been conducted in animals so far — scientists are growing more excited about the potential life-extending prospects of ibuprofen

One of the most common pain relievers could be promising in the quest for longevity, according to a new study in animals in the journal PLOS Genetics.

In the research, scientists treated yeast, worms, and fruit flies with normal doses of ibuprofen (which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID, popularly known by brand names like Advil or Motrin). The doses were akin to what a human might take for a regular headache or a little muscle soreness.

The idea for the study came when study researcher and biochemist Michael Polymenis, PhD, of Texas A&M University approached fellow researcher Brian Kennedy, PhD, the CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, with an idea to study how his cell-cycle lab tests might overlap with existing research on cell aging.

Further studies led to the conclusion that ibuprofen inhibits uptake of tryptophan and other amino acids by the cell. Tryptophan is an amino acid that’s an essential building block of proteins, but also involved in the regulation of “the calming hormone,” serotonin, and it is vital for health across organisms.

Researchers found that all species lived about 15 percent longer when treated with ibuprofen, and the worms and fruit flies appeared to behave in a healthier manner.”

I’ve never really been quite sure how to feel about being an old man. On one hand, watching all your friends die and rocking Depends on a daily basis is about as bad as it gets. But on the flip side, all I really want to do when I’m old is to sit around all day, fart around on the internet, and listen to rap music, which is great because my life goal is to basically sit around all day, fart around on the internet, and listen to rap music. Either way, I may as well embrace Father Time, because I’m pretty sure I’ve taken enough ibuprofen to keep me around for at least another century. Think of all the cool shit I’ll get to see. Hover cars, a cure for cancer, vacations on Mars, the discovery of alien life, who the hell knows? Not sure if Advil is in the market for giving out endorsements to a cube monkey that moonlights as a dickhead blogger, but if so, I’M YOUR GUY. If you aren’t starting off your hungover Sunday with at least four ibuprofen and a large chocolate shake, you’re doing life wrong. Don’t believe me? Tough shit, because science says it’s true. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t confirmed yet, this is gonna be one of those studies that I take straight to the bank. Ibuprofen = the elixir of life. No need to confirm because in my mind it’s already gospel. Science is never wrong, you guys.

Ricky Bobby knows what I’m talking about


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