I’m All About This Chinese Restaurant That Offers Free Meals To Beautiful People

Via- The Telegraph

A restaurant in central China is offering free meals to its most attractive clients.

The Jeju Island restaurant, a Korean eatery in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, says the 50 most handsome people to arrive at its gates each day will be spared paying their bills.

Those hoping for a free lunch have their looks evaluated by a panel of local plastic surgeons whose tummy-tucking talents the restaurant is attempting to promote.

Before eating guests are taken to a “beauty identification area” where they are photographed and considered. Potential diners are judged on the quality of their faces, eyes, noses and mouths. Protruding foreheads are a particular advantage, according to reports.

As news of the promotion spread, Chinese internet users debated how they might fare at the restaurant.

Authorities in Zhengzhou were unimpressed, accusing the initiative of damaging the city’s image and claiming the garish sign did not have official permission.

On Tuesday teams of security guards and demolition workers descended on the restaurant to remove the sign, China News Service reported.

Xue Hexin, the restaurant manager, vowed that the free meals for the beautiful would not be stopped.

“We will be more prudent with our advertising in future,” she said. “But the promotion will continue despite the demolition of our sign.”

“It’s so difficult, being pretty”

– Rob Lowe

– Me

All jokes aside, I LOVE this idea. I love it so much that I might even lift my self imposed ban of China and head East just to see what this fine eatery is all about. Ok, that was a joke. Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but I’m still in love with the fact that beautiful people such as myself can escape the peasant life and enjoy a nice steak surrounded by physical perfection. A couple quick questions though:

1.) Is this a one-and-done type thing or once I’m voted in am I in for life? Like if a girl comes in one night all dolled up, nails did hair did looking like a bag of money, obviously she’s dining on the house. But say she comes in the next morning after a rough night, makeup running, sweatpants, the whole nine. Is she eating for free based on last night’s performance or is she paying for the omelette and mimosas out of pocket? Admittedly, I’m like a 6.5-7 after a rough night of boozing in the winter, but during the summer when I’m rocking a slight tan and my bod’s on point, I’m a hard 8-8.5, maybe even approaching 9 status on a good day. So am I making the cut year round or what? That’s a potential dealbreaker and if I’m going to frequent your establishment, these are the things I need to know. Fair question if you ask me.

2. How the fuck is this place still in business? I can’t imagine a lot of married couples are coming through unless you’re a power couple that melts faces off like Reynolds and Lively, otherwise the wife will be pissed when she doesn’t make the cut and then you’re stuck filling out the divorce papers. A hot date spot is out of the question as well unless you’re willing to risk potential tears and a night on Pornhub instead of canoodling the night away with a hot babe.

I totally realize you could go to the restaurant and choose not to be voted in the best looking contest but that’s like going to Kings Island and opting to not ride any of the roller coasters. That’s not me though, I shoot to score.

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