Geno Atkins Named To Pro Bowl Roster


Love Geno, but he doesn’t deserve this. If the Bengals are going to come anywhere close to capitalizing on their potential next season, Geno is going to be one of the guys that has to perform at an all world level. The best part is, he most certainly can. Geno is an undeniable talent and when healthy has the ability to be one of the best defensive players in the NFL. That’s just the problem though, he isn’t healthy. Not like he’s banged up or anything, just that he wasn’t playing at 100% all year long. Last offseason, Geno probably spent close to all of his time rehabbing the knee instead of actual football training, something that puts even the best of the best behind the eight ball going into an NFL season. I don’t expect that to be the case next year, I just don’t see how you can look at Geno’s performance this season and think that a dude that was described by his defensive coordinator as “just another guy out there” is a guy who’s deserving of a Pro Bowl nod. Just goes to show what a joke the Pro Bowl already is, even though I’m sure I’m going to be tuned in until Braveheart comes on AMC later or something.

PS- I hope Geno makes me look stupid and comes out next season and has a million tackles and a thousand sacks. I’m perfectly content with looking like an idiot as long as that means Geno Sacks is the best D-lineman in the League.

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