UC’s Nippert Stadium Voted College Football’s Best Stadium


I don’t know what the criteria for College Bracket’s stadium contest was, but I’m just not seeing this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped that the Bearcats came out on top. As a UC graduate, that’s actually pretty pimp to be able to say that my old stomping grounds is king dick on ball mountain. I just don’t see how Nippert beat out the likes of Death Valley, the Horseshoe, Rocky Top, you name it. If you’re judging stadiums solely on aesthetics and uniqueness, then Nippert takes the cake no doubt. But throw in other factors like capacity or concessions and the Nip certainly has itself an uphill battle. It shouldn’t take me a half hour to grab a beer and take a leak after a punt. 12,000 strong on a Saturday afternoon vs. Temple in December? No problem. But a primetime game with a full house is an absolute nightmare, not to mention the bleacher seating is the opposite of ideal. Either way, I’m taking that no. 1 ranking straight to the bank. Kind of like when you were in little league and the umpire asks “son, did that ball hit you?” Yes, the answer is always yes. Don’t argue with the man, just put your head down and take your base.

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