Chipotle Reportedly Turned Down Drive Throughs, Breakfast Upon Split From McDonald’s


Via- CNN Money

Chipotle spent eight years taking McDonald’s money, all the while resisting changes to its “fast casual” dining model. With funding from the industry legend, Chipotle opened hundreds of new stores and built a business that threatens its former partner’s market position.

By 2006, McDonald’s had divested its stake, leaving Chipotle to blossom into a company worth more than $22 billion.

Chipotle executives attribute much of their success to doing things differently — and in some cases, ignoring advice from McDonald’s, even about something as important as the company’s name.

Chipotle refused to take advice from the industry leader on other weighty issues.

“Bless their hearts, McDonald’s had a lot of great suggestions, and we were always polite about it,” said Gretchen Selfridge, Chipotle’s COO. “They really wanted us to do drive-throughs. They really wanted us to do breakfast. But we just really didn’t do any of that.”

That attitude led to friction at McDonald’s Oak Brook, Ill. HQ.

“He [Steve Ells] wasn’t the most popular person in McDonald’s headquarters because he was polarizing,” said Matt Paul, a former McDonald’s CFO. “He rejected everything that we held dear — the drive-throughs, the advertising, the prominent store placement.”

McDonald’s deserves a lot of credit for spotting Chipotle when it was just a local Denver chain. And even more credit for betting millions on its potential. Years later, McDonald’s could use a little of that Chipotle magic once again.

Who the hell does that Ronald McDonald think he is? Thinking he can just throw on a sombrero and some mariachi music and waltz right into the most popular Mexican grill in America and start calling the shots? Some nerve that guy has. No doubt Chipotle has done well since going independent, but McDonald’s has provided more food than God himself and even though McD’s has fallen on hard times of late, there’s no reason that the fine folks at Chipotle couldn’t have learned a few lessons from their estranged step-father.


Two words, Chipotle: breakfast burrito. Look it up. Don’t want to live in the shadow of the Mac? Fine. Instead, why don’t you one up those hamburger slangin’ sons of bitches. McDonald’s only sells breakfast until 10:30 am? No problem. Hustle early morning eats until the sun goes down. Want a steak egg and cheese burro at 3 pm? You got it. Huevos rancheros at closing time? Give me two of those. Just because McDonald’s has had the breakfast game on lock for the past thirty years doesn’t mean you can’t do it bigger and better, Chipotle.

Faster Lines

If McDonald’s is the Usain Bolt of fast moving lines, then Chipotle’s line is the starving African child with polio. I’m not sure how McD’s is able to rifle through customers like they do. Probably because they had some guy who’s smarter than me develop an advanced algorithm or something, but if that guy can get the GED crowd at McDonald’s to move lines, then there’s absolutely no reason Chipotle can’t figure it out too. We put a man on the moon in ’69 for Christ’s sake, impossible is nothing.

$.99 Tacos

You know what’s great? Tacos. You know what’s even better? $.99 cent tacos. Dollar menu tacos just taste better for some reason. Not sure why, maybe it’s because every dollar taco I’ve ever had has been from some food truck in the middle of the street at 3 am drunk as fuck, but if there’s anything that Q-Ball knows, tacos are right there at the top of the list.

24 Hour Establishments

Quick, name your favorite late night drunk eatery? Now imagine it’s 2:30 am and you’ve just left the bar with your boys after a long, unsuccessful night of hogging. Would you rather go there or hit up Chipotle? My thoughts exactly. 24 Hour restaurants are the tits, man. They’re loud, they’re crowded, and they’re full of honeys that are just as drunk and DTF as you are. Tough for a chick to act like she has ridiculously high standards when she’s sitting there pounding an extra steak and guac burrito. Kill two birds with one stone and grab yourself a burro and her digits at the same time.

Drive Through

I totally understand wanting to get out of the old man’s shadow and march to the beat of your own drummer. Dad was a chemical engineer and you wanted to be an astronaut. I get it. But anyone with a pulse could tell you that Chipotle restaurants complete with fully functioning drive throughs would own the restaurant game forever. I’m talking some straight up John D. Rockefeller monopoly money type shit. Honestly, I don’t know if there’s another joint out there that would be able to sell another burrito ever again. Hey Chipotle, do you guys really hate McD’s that much or do you guys just not like money? Tough to argue with $22 billion, but God damn.

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