It Isn’t a PETA Protest Until Girls Start Getting Naked In the Middle Of the Street


It was only 21 degrees at Fountain Square on Thursday, but Emily Lavender and Shena Hendricks donned just a long vinyl banner and high heels.

“We’d rather go naked than wear wool,” the banner read.

“We decided we’d rather go without clothes than wear wool treated so poorly in factories,” Lavender said. “We’re doing this to grab people’s attention, since facts alone don’t.”

Lavender said Cincinnati was the first stop that the pair had planned as a part of PETA’s ongoing protest of the wool industry.

“It’s nothing compared to what some of those sheep went through,” Lavender said when asked about the sub-freezing temperatures.

I must say, I’m on board with these naked protests. Not necessarily on board with PETA, but if two chicks want to hit the streets in the buff and scream about farm animals then have at it, girls. I’m still going to eat more than my fair share of porterhouses and rock my cashmere sweater and pea coat on the reg, but I’ve found that if a couple of moderately attractive naked chicks are willing to talk to you about anything, it’s probably best to keep an open mind.

Is anyone really buying that these chicks were out there “suffering” on the behalf of sheep though?

“It’s nothing compared to what some of those sheep went through”

Those girls look like they’re having more fun standing out there in sub-freezing temperatures than anything I’ve done since New Years. not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you wanted me to think that you were out there torturing yourselves just because you think a few sheep deserve themselves a mani-pedi, I just want you to know that I’m not buying it, ladies.

PS- For the record: PETA chicks, tentative WOULD? The whole PETA activist thing is kind of a dealbraker but these girls are definitely down to clown. Crazy is a good look on a chick.

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