This Guy Who Has Never Missed a Day Of Work In 50 Years Has Got It So Unbelievably Wrong


Via- WKRC Cincinnati

ASHLAND, Ohio (WKRC) — We all get sick now and then, right? Or maybe we just need a mental health day.

Well not 70-year-old Ron Kline.

The 70-year-old man works for a plumbing company in Ashland near Mansfield.

Ron hasn’t missed a day of work in 50 years, which were all spent working for the same company.

He says there’s really no secret, he just likes his job. It’s just a habit that he started when he was young.

You want a gold star or something, bro? I can’t stand this whole working man’s hero crap. I realize that probably makes me sound like a prick, but if you aren’t taking a day off work here and there then you’re just an asshole. The only thing I know about plumbing is how to unclog my toilet when a rough weekend filled with binge drinking and burritos has done a number on my porcelain throne, but I’ve got to believe that if you’ve been with the same company for 50 years then the boss man isn’t going to bat an eye if you take a sick day every now and again. Gotta watch the kids on their day off? Mail it in. Want to take a little extended holiday break? By all means go for it. Wifey wants you to stay home and join her for a little afternoon delight? Call the head honcho and tell him you ate some bad Thai food last night. I’m sorry, but 50 years of #NoDaysOff in a world filled with worker’s unions and talks of government mandated sick days just doesn’t compute in my simple minded brain.

In all seriousness, good for Ron. The guy has busted his ass at a job that he really enjoys which is a whole lot more than I can say, but I guess I just won’t ever understand that whole blue collar mentality. Yea that comes off as bougie, but the only thing blue collar about me is the collar on that button down I’ll be sporting to happy hour later this week.

Live a little, man.

PS- 100% chance we’re being trolled, right? No way a guy makes it into work everyday for 50 straight years. Not a chance. You’re telling me Ron hadn’t had a stomach bug or a family emergency since ‘Nam? Get out of my face with all that jazz. I know when I’m being played, and you can’t play a player.

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