The Cleveland Browns Have Already Botched the Johnny Manziel Experiment

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Despite an open acknowledgment that the Cleveland Browns are searching for quarterback help with or without Johnny Manziel, coach Mike Pettine said the organization is proud of the former Heisman Trophy winner for seeking treatment.

Pettine also admitted that Manziel might be facing serious issues that the Browns did not know about when they selected him in the first round of last year’s draft.

The Browns are using the combine to evaluate quarterback options. The team isn’t moving on from Manziel but clearly must address the position, either via free agency or the draft. Re-signing Brian Hoyer is among popular topics among Browns’ brass, Pettine said.

“I’d be a lot more concerned if we had a game this Sunday,” Pettine said.

One of the saddest things in all of sports is seeing a guy with all the talent in the world who for whatever reason can’t seem to get out of his own way. You think I’m talking about Johnny Football, right? Nah player. In this particular case I’m referring to the Cleveland Browns. Top to bottom, the Browns have what it takes to win right now. A talented roster, a front office that is willing to do what it takes to win (including sending illegal text messages during games-allegedly), and the type of rabid fan base that every winning team has. Despite all that, year in and year out, the Brownies still find a way to fuck it all up (this is the part where you insert your Mistake On the Lake joke).

How the fuck can the Browns be ready to move on from Johnny Manziel already? I realize the kid has problems and the thought of an “alcoholic” quarterback doesn’t exactly scream Super Bowl, but the fact that the Browns are willing to move on from a first round QB selection after only one season is pure lunacy. For the life of me, I just can’t see why you wouldn’t give JFF another shot or two considering he played less than half a season, starting for a team who was in free fall mode. In the 2015 NFL, a first round QB is a HUGE investment. Like throwing down the entire savings account on the hot new IPO everyone is talking about. Sometimes you’ll get in early on some Apple stock and end up riding that all the way to a Super Bowl and a couple of MVP’s, but sometimes you’ll wind up with some Enron stock and be left standing there with nothing but your dick in your hand trying to rebuild a franchise. Either way, grooming a young QB takes time, hell, even Akili Smith got four years with the Bengals. You can’t part ways with Manziel after one season. Cleveland’s fans and organization have become so jaded by quarterback hysteria that they’ve become Chris Kyle quick on the trigger at the first sign of trouble at the QB position (see diagram A)

Diagram A

Largely, that attitude is why the Browns have been unable to find a legit option at QB since, well, since I’ve been born. If they were smart, they would just take a page out of the rest of the division’s playbook (minus Pittsburgh), build a solid roster and get yourself a mediocre at best QB and fart out ten wins a year. Not exactly splitting the atom here.

That team is so bad they actually make me thankful that I’m a Bengals fan.

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