This Grade Schooler’s Five Star Moves Are the Most Impressive Thing You’ll See All Day


I’ve played this video about fifteen times over and over and this kid leaves my jockstrap laying on the turf every single time. On a day where some of world’s best athletes are gathered in Indy showing off their skills at the combine this little snot nose out there breaking ankles is far and away the most impressive thing I’ve seen all day. Sure it’s a little disheartening knowing that this kid has better moves than I ever had even at the peak of my athletic career, but I recognize game when I see it. Julian Edelman better keep his eyes pinned back, looks like he’s got himself some competition.

PS- I bet there isn’t a single pair of dry panties when this kid goes to work on the playground. Everyone knows that sports matter in grade school and you’d be flat out lying to yourself if you think this kid doesn’t have the pick of the litter on the blacktop at recess.

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