Sam Bradford Is Reportedly On the Block, Should the Bengals Land Him?


Via- Yahoo Sports

The Buffalo Bills are pursuing a trade for St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, multiple league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Bradford, who is currently owed a base salary of nearly $13 million in 2015, was reportedly given permission to seek a trade, though head coach Jeff Fisher denied that was the case. Fisher went as far as telling reporters at the NFL scouting combine last week that Bradford was his quarterback for the 2015 season.

If the Rams were to change their public stance on Bradford, the Bills would face a stiff challenge in swinging a deal if it involved picks in this draft. Buffalo has only six picks this year, none of them in Round 1. In moving up in the draft to land Watkins last season, the Bills gave up what turned into the 19th overall pick to the Cleveland Browns.

Bradford missed all of last season after suffering an ACL tear in a preseason game, the second straight year he has suffered that injury. Since getting drafted in 2010, Bradford has missed 31 games with injuries (knee, ankle). He threw for 3,702 yards, 21 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and notched an 82.6 QB rating in 2012, the last time he completed a full season.



How bad do I miss football? This weekend I watched a bunch of grown ass men run around in their underwear, balls flopping everywhere while a bunch of scouts measured every inch of their minds and bodies, that’s how much. I’m like a guy whose wife just had a kid and hasn’t had sex in like a year. I’ll take anything I can get right now. While anything resembling real football is still a ways off, this is the time of year where it’s fun to speculate on all the different rumors floating around the league.

To be honest, I had no idea Bradford was on the block. I don’t watch a lot (any) of St. Louis football, but I guess the Rams are high enough on Austin Davis to feel comfortable parting ways with Bradford? If so, why wouldn’t the Bengals put in a call to the Lou’s top brass? I know Marvin has been pretty steadfast in his support of Andy Dalton, and I’ve gone on record as saying Dalton still gives us the best chance to win right now but Bradford is arguably a better option under center than Dalton who, if the rumors hold true, is fresh on the market.

I’m not saying bringing in Bradford to start is the right move, or even likely for that matter. Bradford is still due a $13 million salary. Couple that with his injury history and the fact that the Bengals have a ton of $ tied up in Dalton, and the possibility of Bradford coming to Cincy are almost non-existent. While Andy has slightly better numbers, he also looks like more or less a finished product as a player. You know what you’re getting with Dalton, which needless to say isn’t always pretty. Bradford was just starting to come into his own before his most recent knee injury and certainly shows a lot more upside as a signal caller than Dalton at this point.

Image68 (31)

Image68 (32)

Sam Bradford isn’t coming to the Bengals. I get that, I’m pipe dreaming. But it’s just fun to imagine all the hype a blockbuster deal like that would do to the franchise going into the 2015 season.

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