Man Sues Oakley LA Fitness After Getting the Boot For Praying In the Locker Room


Via- LA Times

8-year-old Ohio man has accused California-based gym chain LA Fitness of violating his civil rights after managers at a location in Cincinnati ordered him not to pray in a locker room, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

Mohammed Fall said three managers at a Cincinnati LA Fitness approached him Jan. 29 and told him that he would be permanently barred from the facility if he continued to pray in the locker room, according to the suit, filed in federal court in Ohio.

Fall, who the suit says has regularly exercised at the gym since 2013, says he routinely prayed in empty corners of the facility’s locker room after lifting weights or playing basketball. He was praying while standing and facing a wall in his workout clothes when he was confronted by the managers, the suit says.

Fall does not wear any religious clothing or make “audible noises” when engaged in prayer, according to the suit. The managers told Fall he would “no longer be allowed” at the gym if he continued to pray there, the suit says.

Fall says he has seen other men and women making religious gestures after or during workouts, including the Christian sign of the cross, and the suit contends Fall was targeted because of his Muslim faith.



So I first caught wind of this story the other day and initially I thought it was just a rumor, but now that the story is starting to get some national traction I guess it’s the real deal. Fun little fact about me, once upon a time, I used to frequent the very same LA Fitness that is being brought into question. I used to CRUSH the weights up there. I’m talking knock out a few sets of bicep curls and tell the front desk lady to notify the authorities, because Q-Ball is about to bare arms. Speaking from firsthand experience, I just have a hard time buying that this guy was the most distracting person in the gym. I’ve seen 400 lb gorillas toss around 45’s like a Ray Rice date. I’ve seen babes in yoga pants so tight people are literally tripping over gym equipment. I’ve seen exercises so ridiculous they’d make a Richard Simmons routine seem normal, and I’ve seen old men whose asscheeks have more cottage cheese than God damn dairy farm.

Look I’m not one to try stir the pot and spark some religious debate. If you want to worship your creator in your own way that’s on you, but I haven’t been to church since Benedict was pope and I ordered the filet last Friday so that should give you an idea of where I stand on religious practices. So if this guy wants to get his prayer on in the locker room next to a bunch of naked old dudes and guys who are guzzling down their fifth protein shake of the day, then have at it, hoss. Just remember, when you walk through those doors, you’re in the church of gains and the only creed to live by is the word of the swoly bible. Because if you aren’t repping 225 on bench in the name of the Lord, you don’t even lift, bro.

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