This Guy Who Was Arrested For Punching His Uber Driver Is the Polar Opposite Of a Lazy Sunday



A man is in police custody after an alleged fight with an Uber driver on popular section of Main Street in Over-the-Rhine earlier Sunday morning.

Varun Varma, 27, was arrested and charged with assault and criminal damaging just before 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Around 1:17 a.m., Varma allegedly hit an Uber driver and struck the vehicle’s windshield in the 1200 block of Main Street — a block that is home to OTR’s Park + Vine and Macaroon Bar.

The Uber driver told police that he asked Varma to exit his vehicle, which led to Varma striking his windshield and hitting the driver once or twice in the face, records state. The victim told police his eye was injured in the alleged assault.



How awkward must that Monday morning have been for old Varun, huh? Probably made your commute and Monday morning conference call seem like a walk in the park. Peeling your pasty ass off the bed after four and half hours of sleep sucks, but I bet that pales in comparison to waking up with a swollen hand on a concrete slab in the pokey. To make matters worse, poor Varun probably had finish his Uber checkout too. Talk about salt in the wound. As if walking out of the justice center deathly hungover with a pending assault charge wasn’t bad enough, now he’s gotta rate the guy he scrapped with the night before. I’m assuming that when you decide to throw hands with an Uber driver, the last thing on your mind is finishing the checkout process and giving the guy you just punched in the face a five star rating, right? Look we’ve all been there before. Everybody has woken up after a night of hard drinking with an Uber ride you forgot to pay for from the night before. The only difference between our buddy Varun and the rest of us is that Varun thought a well placed right hook would be the perfect response for a 4.5x surge charge. Not like you’ve never thought about the same thing, but the rest of us just drunkenly accept that surge pricing and wake up the next morning with a $80 fare and brain full scaries.

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