You Didn’t Have As Bad a Day As This Substitute Teacher Who Got the Boot For Duct Taping Kids To Chairs and Beating Them With Rulers

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Via- WLWT Cincinnati

TRENTON, Ohio —A substitute teacher working at Edgewood Middle School in Trenton was escorted out of the building and administrators told WLWT News 5 she will not be back.

Administrators said they took immediate action when three students complained about the substitute art teacher, who WLWT is not identifying because no criminal charges have been filed.

According to several parents whose children were in the sixth-grade art class, the teacher tried to restrain a student with duct tape.

Parents said the teacher hit another sixth-grader with a ruler and told her she shouldn’t be wearing Timberland boots because she was white.

Edgewood administrators would not confirm the allegations, but said the sub crossed the line.

The substitute teacher is not an employee of Edgewood Schools.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating but no criminal charges have been filed.



Couple things:

1. Anyone else surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often? Not that I’m advocating corporal punishment or duct taping middle schooler’s to a chair like the drunk kid at a frat party, but everyone knows that middle schooler’s are assholes. By my count, my snot nosed compadres and I made a couple teachers shed tears as a result of some antics back in our heyday. Did we deserve to get beaten with a wooden ruler? You bet your ass we did. Again, not saying that’s right or that’s what I would do, but people are lunatics. And who’s the type of person to take punishment a little too far? Someone whose life has been relegated to babysitting bratty kids in Trenton, Ohio. That’s who.

2. If rocking Timbs is an offense punishable by a ruler, then I should have been taken outside and caned on account of my grade school footwear. If I saw ’em in a late 90’s/early 2000’s hip-hop video, I had to have ’em. The wheat/cream Lugz? Check. The I VI’s? Maybe my favorite pair of shoes ever. And when 50 dropped those G-Unit sneakers, all the dope boys middle school suburban white kids went NUTS. Didn’t matter if you were white, black, blue, or motherfucking green, if you didn’t have a fresh pair of sneaks, you were a total dweeb. In fact, if I’m the teacher, I’m going to whip the kid who’s not rocking some dope Timb’s, because that kid is a straight up loser.

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