People Are Going Nuts For Kid’s Morning Routine YouTube Videos Because Internet


Via- Business Insider”

“It’s 6:30am, and it’s officially the least favorite part of my day!”

That’s Chloe Lukasiak’s voice you’re hearing immediately after clicking on her YouTube video.

Along with her voiceover, the familiar sound of the iPhone’s default alarm notification ring.

Lukasiak, 14, and one of the former stars of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” made a “Morning Routine” video, the newest craze among young teenagers — especially well-known YouTube celebrities like Bethany Mota, and reality television stars like Lukasiak.

The videos are everywhere.

Just do a Google or YouTube search for “morning routine” and you’ll get more than you probably bargained for.

The stars of the videos are people who’ve developed fan-bases online, and want to show their fans a peek into their lives. Of course, everything is pretty obviously staged and scripted, and all of the videos sound and look professionally made.

It’s like watching a MTV cribs starring teenage girls except all of the homes look relatively modest, and therefore, relatable to the majority of viewers.


Image68 (42)


Image68 (43)


The Internet’s gonna Internet, I suppose. The same folks that are donating to those shameless kickstarter funds are now generating 800,000 views watching kids get ready for school in the morning. Yea, you read that right. 800,000 views. 800 fucking thousand views. If the key to racking up north of a quarter million pageviews is taping my each and every move before I head out the door in the morning, then I’ll gladly quit this blog gig right now and start a live stream of me sitting on the John in the AM. If anyone is interested in seeing me sit on my bed naked while I stew about how much I hate my job, then I can defintiely make that happen (I’m looking at you, ladies).

Who even wants to be on camera when they wake up in the morning anyway? I know chicks were really into those #IWokeUpLikeThis Snapchats last year, but I wasn’t raised a fool, doll. I know you don’t wake up looking like a million bucks. I know this because when I rise and shine most mornings I look and feel like I’ve been run over by a God damn freight train. And that’s on a good day. So do yourself a favor, ladies: Don’t try to act like you’re ready for the silver screen after you’ve just peeled yourself off the sheets. That won’t get you a million hits on YouTube or anything. Oh wait, jokes on me because I guess it really does.

I’ll tell you what, those Internet nerds are out of this world, man.

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