Bengals Sign Former Packer, Local Guy AJ Hawk




Welcome home, AJ. Well, sort of. Centerville and/or Columbus aren’t exactly Cincinnati, but the local ties are aplenty for Mr. Hawk. On paper, good signing for the Bengals. The LB corps is in desperate need of some depth and adding a veteran Pro Bowler certainly doesn’t hurt, especially considering that the Bengals have a lot of young talent on defense that will be in need of some mentoring. In reality, one would be wise to temper expectations for Hawk this season. This isn’t the first time that the Bengals have signed a big name defensive free agent in the twilight of their career *cough* Antwaan Odom *cough* James Harrison. On paper that looks great, but in reality, those dudes haven’t exactly blown the doors off anyone. Not saying that AJ Hawk can’t be a big time contributor, but I’m just gonna temper my expectations that’s all.

PS- How big does that Nuge signing look right about now? I realize it’s kind of crazy to think that a kicker is solely responsible for bringing in a big time defensive acquisition, but those two are boys. Probably the first players in history to play high school, college, and pro ball together all on the same team. Check me on that, though.

Double PS-

Fuck yes. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Sign Hawk on Tuesday, Fairley on Wednesday, black out on Thursday, and ride the wave all the way to an early Super Bowl 50 celebration Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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