Add This TMT Van To the List Of Reasons Why I’m Pulling For Floyd Mayweather Come May 2nd

tmt van

mayweather tweet

mayweather tweet 2


Reason number infinity why I’m pulling for Floyd come May 2. Look, I’m usually the first guy to bash major media outlets for using Twitter as a credible resource, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that Floyd and his TMT bank heist van are shuttling groupie chicks in and out Vegas like Boko Haram sex slaves. I know stunts like this are why everyone hates Floyd, but lining up your trim for the month in a van with your personal brand plastered all over the side is such an over the top move you can’t help but laugh. Do you really expect anything less from Floyd at this point? The guy throws down seven figure bets, parties with A-list celebrities, and throws 30 chick twerk parties on a lazy Sunday night. I’d honestly be more shocked if Floyd wasn’t plowing through hired wool in his Vegas penthouse. That’s just a veteran move. Everyone knows that if you’re a high profile athlete you fly in babes daily and have them waiting for you along with all your bags and those complimentary bottles of Fiji. Day 1 stuff.

We all know Floyd is an asshole. I get that. But the guy is such a caricature of himself that he brings a smile to my face every time I see him on my screen. Unintentional humor to the Nth degree. If you don’t like FLoyd, fine. A lot of people don’t. Just know that if you’re a FLoyd hater I just go ahead assume that you aren’t a fan of good old fashioned entertainment.




Me placing my Mayweather bet on May 2

mayweathercash (2)statham

Still gets me every time.

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