Xavier Musketeers Check In At No. 18 On Forbes’ Annual College Basketball Value Rankings


Via- Forbes

To determine college basketball’s most valuable teams we rely on a weighted methodology that takes into account how much money each team generates for its athletic department, its parent university and its fellow conference members. A team’s athletic value consists of basketball profits used to support non-revenue programs like soccer and swimming. University value consists of basketball income that gets directed to academic endeavors, which include both basketball scholarship costs as well as contributions made to other academic initiatives. Finally, conference value simply measures how much money a team has generated for its fellow conference members via NCAA Tournament prize payouts.

1. Louisville Cardinals, $38.3 million
2. Kansas Jayhawks, $35.4 million
3. Kentucky Wildcats, $31.5 million
4. Arizona Wildcats, $28.5 million
5. North Carolina Tar Heels, $27.7 million
6. Syracuse Orange, $26.8 million
7. Ohio State Buckeyes, $25.4 million
8. Indiana Hoosiers, $25.3 million
9. Duke Blue Devils, $22 million
10. Wisconsin Badgers, $20.3 million
11. Tennessee Volunteers, $18.7 million
12. Michigan State Spartans, $16.6 million
13. Illinois Fighting Illini, $14.5 million
14. Alabama Crimson Tide, $12.3 million
15. Marquette Golden Eagles, $12.2 million
16. Michigan Wolverines, $11.9 million
17. Arkansas Razorbacks, $11.6 million
18. Xavier Musketeers, $11.2 million
19. Northwestern Wildcats, $11 million
20. Missouri Tigers, $10.9 million



Beer, beer, and more beer. I still can’t understand why all universities don’t just sell beer at their home games. Look at that list. Louisville, Cuse, OSU, Wisconson, Marquette, and Xavier all sell some form of alcohol at home games. Numbers don’t lie. I realize that there are tons of factors that go into the total value of a program ie institution size, arena size, program prestige, etc, but anyone that denies alcohol sales don’t substantially increase the overall value of a team just isn’t living on this planet anymore. I can see why a university president would be wary of giving the green light to sell booze in an arena packed with dumb, underaged college students. Especially school’s with strict dry campus laws, but you know what school’s hate more than having a bunch of drunk under aged kids running around campus after a game? Being poor.

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