UC, XU Advance In An Absolutely Incredible First Day Of the Tournament

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Hopefully you aren’t reading this from the emergency room, but if you are, that’s totally understandable. Absolutely gut busting, heart wrenching stuff from day one of the tournament. Between the upsets, the Bearcats gutsy W, and Georgia State’s coach falling off his stool, I’m not sure you can have a much better day one of the tourney. A+ stuff. Hats off to both local squads for advancing. Xavier continues to just Xavier in the tournament. Every year they struggle early on but somehow manage to slide in the tournament and put together impressive, workmanlike wins. Speaks volumes to that program. You gotta love the matchup if you’re a Xavier fan too. Georgia State could very well turn out to be the darlings of the 2015 tourney, but if I’m an X fan and you’d have told me at the beginning of the season that we’d be facing Georgia State in the second round I’d take that matchup 11 times out of 10.

As far as the Bearcats go, give me second. I’m busy hyperventilating into a bag right now. I gotta be honest, didn’t think the Cats had that in them. Too many times this year we’ve seen them squander opportunities down the stretch, but hey, it’s tourney time. Big dogs got big nuts. Next up, Kentucky (probably. Sorry Hampton). Everyone around here wants it. Year in and year out you probably have a conversation with your asshole UK friend about how UC and UK should play every year. Well, now we’ve got it. No one is giving the Bearcats much of a chance, and maybe rightfully so. But hey, it’s March. Crazier things have happened.



Obligatory goaltend/no goaltend speak: Clearly no goaltend. SMU got hosed. Not necessarily a bad call, I can see why the official would make that call based on where he was at, but looking at the replay that ball was short and to the right and if you can’t see that someone should put out a cigarette in your eye.



It’s actually kind of bittersweet knowing that we’re less than 24 hours in but we’ve already seen the best moment of this year’s tournament by far. Short of UK going down to Hampton here in a few minutes, nothing will even come close to topping Coach Hunter hitting the deck.

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Nailed it, Pop.

Prayers up for Coach Hunter. Not sure he’s going to make it out of this tournament. That Xavier game is going to be fun to watch, man.

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