UC Falls to Kentucky, Xavier Bests Georgia State In NCAA Tourney Second Round


In the words of urban philosopher Lil Wayne, sorry for the wait. This post is coming on the heels of a debaucherous NCAA tourney weekend and much like many of your favorite teams you watched this weekend, ya boy left it all out on the floor. But greatness waits for no one, so here I am back in the lab.

It was either a tough weekend or wild Saturday night depending on who you root for. If you’re a Xavier fan, soak it up, you sandbagging sons-of-bitches. I’ll be the first to admit it, I LOVE Ron Hunter and his Gerogia State squad and I’ll be the first one to say I was pulling for those dudes HARD. Watching the Hunter clan break down on stage is Hallmark tearjerker movie material for grown men. Having said that, another typical Xavier tourney win. Those dudes flat out know how to win when it counts. I won’t be surprised if X can give Arizona a run for their money come Thursday. Not saying the unthinkable is gonna happen, but everyone knows the Sean Miller and former Cincinnati connections, so in a sense, Thursday’s matchup will more or less be somewhat of a rivalry game, and any game with an emotional connection like that tends to be neck and neck. Especially in March. That’s tourney life.


Speaking of tourney life, the Bearcats got a hard dose Saturday afternoon at the hands of the Kentucky Wildcats. While we’re on the subject of rivalries and emotional games and what not, the Bearcats certainly came out swinging knowing that they finally got the chance to take on UK that so many UC fans clamor for every year. In the end, UK is just a bigger, better, more skilled basketball team. No two ways around that. The Cats certainly deserve a hand for making that a game. Outside of Cincinnati, how many national talking heads would have honestly told you that UC was going to be in the game for as long as they did? Couple that with the fact that 2015 was supposed to be a rebuilding year, minus a head coach, and if you’re a Bearcats fan, there’s not a whole lot to scoff at there. Exceeded expectations with a lot to look forward to next season.

PS- Everyone is busy barking about player safety in the NFL, but I’m pretty sure we all just saw a man die in a college basketball game yesterday, yet no one is talking about that.

Yep, pretty sure he’s dead. RIP Quadri Moore.

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