No One Had More Fun At AJ Green’s Wedding Than Justin Houston Burning Up the Dance Floor

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So much for ditching just the tie I guess. That’s what weddings are all about though. Throw back a few glasses of white zinfandel, take the shirt down about two or three buttons, maybe hike the sleeves up a bit. Nope, not for Justin. Two hours in and he’s already popped the top in front of everyone. Grandma and grandpa, the in-laws, the whole nine. Do you, Justin. Dance like no one is watching.



PS- Last week I went on a tirade about how late night pizza/sliders/tacos should be a thing at all weddings. Right up there with the bouquet toss and the DJ playing “Jump On It.” Well, I’m throwing mini hot dogs into the mix as well. Whoever the lucky lady ends up being, she better be ready to get down with some franks, because the mini dogs at my reception thing is for sure happening. Not even being the least bit sarcastic. Might even throw in a side of chili and cheese just to class up the joint.

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