The Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Trailer Dropped and Boy Does It Look INTENSE


Say what you want about Tom Cruise and his Oprah meltdowns or the whole Scientology thing, but fuck what you heard. Cruise as Ethan Hunt is one of the better spy thriller characters of all time and that’s just a fact of life. In an era where Hollywood is content with farting out shit sequel after shit sequel, Mission Impossible is one of the few franchises that continues to bring the heat every single installment. Shirtless Tom Cruise throwing hands? Check. High speed crotch rocket chase? Check. Alec Baldwin? Check. And when I saw Ethan Hunt was hanging off the side of that plane, I damn near fell out of my chair. Sold. See you guys July 31.

PS- Not sure how I feel about Shaun of the Dead getting a larger and larger role in the MI films. Dude doesn’t exactly scream action star but so far he’s been legit and brings a witty comedic element so I guess we’ll see where this goes. Paramount always does a good job with these movies so I guess I’m cool with letting them quarterback this thing.

Double PS- Need a verdict on the new MI:5 chick. She’s no Paula Patton but I saw a lot of skin in that trailer so we’ll give her a try.



paula patton

Need Paula back ASAP.

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