Cincinnati Rated the Best City In Ohio For Traffic… April Fools! It’s the Worst

Traffic Jam

Via- Fox 19

Cincinnati is the worst city for traffic in the state of Ohio, according to a recent survey.

Navigation and mapping company Tom Tom measured travel times during the entire day and peak periods to determine the worst cities for traffic in the United States.

During peak traffic congestions, Cincinnatians with a 30 minute commute spend an extra 16 minutes driving. That’s 60 hours drivers spent in their vehicles last year due to traffic congestion.



No way, I don’t believe it. Not for one second…

APRIL FOOLS! Just kidding, of course I do. You’ll see more orange from those construction barrels on the side of the highway than you’d ever see at a thousand Bengals games. My ride home from work seems a little too Bataan death march-ish and dodging potholes like poor people ducking debt collectors is just a way of life. Thank God for Spotify Premium, otherwise I think I’d have taken my car headlong off the Brent Spence by now. Could be worse, though. You could be stuck riding the Metro next to that probably homeless guy that smells like piss. Not like I have room to talk though. I’ll probably be in the car stuck behind you guys.

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