Another Year, Another UK Loss, Another State Street Riot In Lexington, KY

state street

Via-WTVQ Lexington

After the Wildcats lost in the Final Four against Wisconsin, crowds took to the streets and were “rowdy, and at times, hostile,” according to City of Lexington officials.

31 people were arrested in the post-game aftermath, city officials said. Most were arrested for disorderly conduct or alcohol intoxication.



*Phone rings*

“Hey Mom, I fucked up. Call Grandma and tell her we’re not gonna make Easter brunch this year. I’m in the Lexington County Jail. I’ll explain everything when you get here. Love you.”

I actually dig the riot mentality. We win, Leington burns. We lose, Lexington burns. Can’t let that $300 you spent at Furniture Fair clearance go to waste.


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