Cincinnati Man Jailed For Stabbing a Man On Spring Break In Nebraska Because That’s What Happens When You Go On Spring Break In Nebraska


Via- WLWT Cincinnati

A teen from Greater Cincinnati was arrested and is being held in a Nebraska jail on three felony charges.

Authorities said Caleb McDonald, 18, stabbed another man several times after a road rage incident in Odessa, Nebraska.

Police said McDonald is charged with assault and using a deadly weapon to commit a felony. He is also facing a charge of terroristic threats against the victim’s 14-year-old son.

Authorities said McDonald was traveling to Kearney, Nebraska, to meet a friend for spring break.

McDonald is being held on a $500,000 bond.



Everybody gets a little crazy on spring break. Maybe you almost lit your balcony on fire with a black and mild and burned down the whole hotel, maybe you cut loose and blew like 15 dudes, maybe you got a little bent out of shape and stabbed a guy multiple times with a switchblade. Hey, those things happen. In fact, if you don’t come back with at least a couple stories that leave you shaking your head and saying “Man, what the hell was I thinking?” you should have probably just stayed at home in mom and dad’s basement and binged Bloodline or something. I just assume shankings are kind of the norm on spring break in Nebraska. Every spring break locale is known for something. In PCB, it’s STD scares. In Mexico, it’s kidnappings and extortion. So I guess in Odessa, Nebraska beers and Bowie knives are just part of the deal? What else is there to do? Palm trees become cornstalks and sun kissed beach babes get traded in for broad shouldered, grass fed, Midwestern farm girls. Not exactly my cup of tea but hey, different strokes for different folks. Gonna need an update on #SpringBreakNebraska2015 stat!

PS- If cutting loose in flyover states isn’t your thing, maybe try spring break in Puerto Vallarta? Looks like it could be a good time.

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