Fear Not, Bengals Fans. Colin Cowherd Says He’s Done Picking On Andy Dalton


Via- Cincy Jungle

Colin Cowherd was joined by five time NCAA Championship winning Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski this morning for an interview. Toward the end of the interview, Coach K turned the tables on Cowherd and requested to ask him a question… What was his question, you might ask…. Well, it was why Cowherd continually picks on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

“I have not always been complimentary of Andy Dalton’s career, let’s say that. Yes, I can be a little harsh,” Cowherd said

Throughout the dialogue, Cowherd’s producer played many of the one-liners Cowherd has made over the years about Dalton, such as “He’s a hack…Andy Dalton, a boring water pistol”.

“I gotta pick new guy to pick on, he’s just too nice a guy,” Cowherd continued, “and I’m not a mean person, I’ve gotta find another quarterback to pick on. Because he couldn’t have been nicer.”

“The old beige water pistol was at it again yesterday”.

“Enough! There’s no recanting – no more!”

“Andy Dalton’s a Nissan Maxima… not a big fan”

“Is he a good quarterback now?” Cowherd’s producer interjected to ask.

“No, but he’s too nice a human being and I’m not a jerk. And I’ve gone a little overboard on banging on Andy Dalton.”

“I’ve said a few things I regret.”


Hey Colin, let me ask you a quick question right quick: Where do you get off thinking you’re wrong for making fun of Andy Dalton? For starters, it’s your show. You can say whatever you want as long as you don’t go all Don Imus on us and have the FCC coming in guns a blazing threatening to shut you down. Secondly, who’s taking the other side of the argument on this one? Show me the Dalton defenders out there who are all like “No way, man. Dalton is a GOOD quarterback. You’re wrong, Colin, just wrong.” Two years ago maybe there were people willing to make that argument (myself included) but the verdict is pretty much out on ol’ Andy Football at this point. Dude’s just not that good of a quarterback. Now that’s not to say that the Bengals can’t win with him at the helm, but adjectives like “beige” and “Nissan Maxima” are spot on. Andy Dalton is the classic measuring stick for QB’s in the NFL. If your team has a better guy than Dalton, then count your blessings because you have a franchise QB. Anything worse, then book your tickets to the Senior Bowl because you’re going to have to start looking elsewhere for a signal caller. Now I don’t doubt for one second that Andy Dalton is a great guy. He seems like a pretty chill dude and everyone I know that has ever interacted with him says he’s the nicest guy ever, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be open to criticism. I love my friends and I’d like to think I hang out with a pretty good group of dudes, but that doesn’t mean that they’re above ball busting. Quite the contrary actually. If my buddy rocks a ridiculous shirt to the bar you best believe I’m telling him he looks like a gay librarian and that he shouldn’t stand next to me when I’m trying to talk to chicks. Does that mean that I hate him and that I wish him ill will on all future endeavors? Of course not. That’s just dudes being dudes. But I guess a Cowherd show isn’t a Cowherd show without pointless arguments solely for the sake of being a pompous, self righteous dickhead.

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