James Franco, Nick Jonas To Film ‘Goat’ In Cincinnati


Via- Cincinnati.com

It looks like Cincinnati may be home, at least for a short while, to another famous face come May.

Nick Jonas, a famous musician from The Jonas Brothers who now has his own solo career, will appear in the production of “Goat,” the Greater Cincinnati Film Commission said Tuesday.

The news comes after the commission announced Monday that the film would be shot in Cincinnati and that actor and producer James Franco would be co-producing the film.

Based on a memoir written by Brad Land, “Goat’ will tell the story of a 19-year-old who joins a fraternity with his brother after they start college and the ritualistic hazing they go through.

Andrew Neel, who directed “King Kelly” in 2012, will direct the film and actor Ben Schnetzer, who started in “The Book Thief” in 2013, will star in it.



Holly-what? I guess filming movies in Cincinnati is a thing now. I just hope Franco and his crew give us the comedy we’re all looking for and not any of that serious bullshit he’s been trying to pull lately. Dude, you’re a comedian that made you bones filming stupid comedies that make 17 year old girls laugh, just give the people what they want. Like I’ve seen the preview for that new movie with Jonah Hill at least 25 times and every time I’m just waiting for Franco to go all Saul Silver on us and admit that billing True Story as a psychological thriller was all just a big joke because Franco is a weird guy and that’s what weird guys do. I’m not kidding anyone though, I’m definitely going to see this movie. In my heart I’m hoping that Franco and Nick Jonas give us a ridiculous frat comedy because I think that has the potential to be hilarious and sounds right up my alley, but on the other hand I could see Franco doing a movie about the wrongdoings of fraternity hazing in an effort to promote change within the Greek system because, again, Franco is one of those Hollywood weirdos and that’s just how those dudes roll. But you’ll see me at the theater (my laptop) regardless. I sat through that Ides Of March snoozefest just so I could watch my boy Clooney and Paul Giamatti chat it up in the same bar I used to drink at after Bengals games and I’ll probably catch that Carol movie over on Lifetime because it was filmed in Cincinnati and because Cate Blanchett was pretty hot in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.




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