Cincy Police Bust BIG Cocaine Operation, I Just Realized I’m Not About That Life

boston george


Police announced the bust of a large-scale Cincinnati heroin and cocaine distribution operation Wednesday in an investigation that uncovered a business capable of mass distribution while laundering millions of dollars.

Five Cincinnatians were indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine and launder money in a large-scale operation.

The indictment says that the group processed, cut, packaged and stored cocaine and heroin in stash houses around Cincinnati prior to distribution, according to documents.

Police found approximately one-quarter kilogram of heroin, over a kilogram of cocaine, narcotics wrappers, grinders, scales, baggies, numerous firearms, ammunition, body armor and approximately $1.25 million in cash at the Cincinnati stash houses after executing a search warrant.

The indictment against the five Cincinnatians states that the group laundered profits from the narcotic sales through fake bank accounts, cashier’s checks, a cash purchase of a BMW, rental property purchases and the filing of false federal income tax returns.



This just goes to prove my theory that you can’t really dip your pinky in the coke game. You’re either all the way in or all the way out. No middle ground. With the exception of Bruno Mars you don’t ever really hear about anyone getting arrested with a Pixie Stix worth of cocaine. No, everyone that gets arrested gets popped holding keys on keys on keys. You’re not a real baller unless you have bricks in the stash spot that you got for 17.5 a piece. Young Jeezy taught me that. I’m not sure I can even fault these dudes for going down the way they did. You can’t really call yourself a coke dealer unless you have guns and keys body armour and naked chicks with surgical masks walking around the trap house. I’ve seen enough movies and listened to enough rap songs to know that.

On a related note, I picked a shitty day to blog about dealing white. I woke this morning feeling fit and sharp and confident, ready to make some moves tonight but when I was writing this post I had to look up how much you can make dealing a key of coke on the street and I realized how big of nerd that makes me. I might have to give up this blog gig and go try to flip a brick and see what that’s all about. Probably not though. I don’t think I’m hard enough for that coke life.

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