This UC Drugging Study Asking People That Have Drugged Someone To Participate For $40 Seems Like It’s Going To Go Really Well



Ever spiked someone’s drink?


Want to make $40?

According to fliers placed around campus, the UC Drugging Study is offering $40 for interviews with people who have drugged someone else.

At first, it seemed likely it was some sort of prank. “UC Drugging Study,” the flier states at the top in bold red and black letters. Then, emblazoned over a photo of a raucous party – complete with red plastic cups: “Drugging, sometimes called Drink Spiking, means someone puts a drug or alcohol in a person’s drink or food without their knowledge.

“We are conducting interviews with people who have drugged someone else to learn more about drugging. Participants in the study will be paid $40. The interview should take about an hour.”

The Enquirer called UC spokesman Greg Vehr, who at first said he hadn’t heard of the study.

He did some checking, though – just to make sure – and it turns out it’s a true study, approved through UC’s Institutional Review Board.

It’s a joint project between researchers at UC and the University of South Carolina. They’re talking to drugging perpetrators and victims – the perpetrators are sometimes more difficult to find, which is why the flier focuses on them – to learn how and why drugging happens.

There is no federal grant money involved, and the budget – coming partly from private foundations – amounts to “pocket change,” said said Bonnie Fisher, a UC professor and co-investigator on the project.

Study participants must be 18 or older, and applicants go through a screening process to determine if they’re eligible.

Ideally, the study will involve 20 drugging perpetrators and 20 victims, Fisher said.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, “corrupting another with drugs” is a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 8 years in prison. For study participants, however, the consent form includes anonymity and confidentiality clauses – meaning, they don’t have to worry about legal repercussions for admitting to a crime.



So this has to be like that Iron Bowl ticket child support police sting in Alabama, no? Show up with your roofies looking to make a quick 40 bones and BAM. Hooked and booked. No way anyone is actually dumb enough to show up to this thing willingly, right? If I was a date rape guy, and let me be crystal clear, I’m not. I think those dudes are bottom of the barrel scum and if your game isn’t tight enough to get laid using conventional methods then you should probably just hit Craigslist casual encounters or hire a hooker or something, but for arguments sake let’s just pretend that I was a date rape guy. It’s going to take a whole hell of a lot more than 40 bucks for me to come clean as a sexual predator. If you show up to the study all like, “yea, I’m here for the date rape,” then at least a handful of people on campus know you like to go a little Bill Cosby from time to time. Can’t go through your college career with people knowing you as the date rape guy. You just can’t. At that point you gotta just pull out the transfer papers or kill everyone in the study or turn yourself in at the nearest police station. That’s game over for you. Walking out of a drugging study $40 in the black and expecting everything to go swimmingly from there on out just isn’t a feasible option because you’re the biggest scumbag on campus.

PS- Apparently the study has been put on hold but the flyers are still hot in the streets, so if you see someone that fits the bill, ladies, point ’em out, point ’em out. Don’t need creeps like that trolling around campus.

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