Apparently Getting a DUI For Driving a Lawnmower Five Times Over the Legal Limit Is How You Spend Your Evenings In Indiana?


Via- WLWT Cincinnati

EVANSVILLE, Ind. —Police in southern Indiana say a man who drove a lawnmower on an Evansville street with a blood-alcohol level more than five times the legal limit was given a ticket for public intoxication.

The Evansville Courier & Press reports 27-year-old Trevor Bates of Evansville was stopped by police after witnesses reported seeing him on the lawn mower with his daughter on his lap and a 50-year-old woman on the lawnmower’s deck.

Witnesses said Bates nearly fell from the mower several times and was nearly hit by traffic.



Sounds like a pretty nice little Southern Indiana evening if you ask me. Minus the whole .445 BAC thing of course. I feel like getting bombed five times over the legal limit and taking the crew out for a nice leisurely spin on the John Deere is probably just your average Saturday night in Indiana. Like normally I’d probably down a few coldies and catch a Reds game then head out to the bar and try to talk to girls that are just a shade out of my league, but if I lived in Indiana and life was all about farmland and Hoosier basketball, drinking myself into a coma and hitting the streets on my tractor is just what I’d do for shits and gigs. Obviously I can’t sit here and condone drunk driving. Too many people have been killed or had their lives fucked up all because of one stupid decision, but is getting picked up by the cops and spending the night in the drunk tank really the worst way to spend your evening if you live in Indiana? I mean, what else are you going to do? At the very least you’d have some activities planned out for the next several weeks. Court dates, meetings with lawyers, AA classes, basically everything but sitting around thinking about how unfortunate you are to be stuck living with your 50 year old girlfriend in rural Indiana.

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