Daily Links, May 12: Assisted L-I-V-I-N


How About This Fat Chick Who Got Fired From Subway For Praising Cop Killings? This chick is a scumbag either way, but don’t give me that “how could anyone be so stupid” spiel. Girl was clearly trying to get fired. She did work at Subway after all.


Here’s a Game That’s Basically ‘Mario Bros. With Tampons’ For Those Of You Who Are Looking Kill Some Time: Why do you think Mario was always letting Peach get kidnapped for all those years?

CNN Money

Some Old Timer Got Caught With Booze and Hookers At His Texas Retirement Home: Doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 99, the guy with the hoes and the drink is always the coolest kid on the block.

Click 2 Houston

Northwestern School District Forced To Cancel School Because Of Senior Prank: A senior prank that even the emo hipster kids can get on board with. Here’s to hoping these bros get off scot free.


Barstool Sports Crew Arrested For NFL Headquarters Defltategate Sit In: Hands down one of the funniest stories of the year #FreePres.

Barstool Sports

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