Does This Guy With An ‘Unpredictable’ Tattoo On His Face Look Like a Guy Who Was Caught Red Handed Breaking Into Cars?



Two officers on bike patrol stopped a car break-in on Monday night in Delhi Township.

Police arrested Jonathan Meadows, 34, and Craig Holt, 34, around midnight and recovered items believed to have been taken from at least six cars on or near Woodyhill Drive, police said.

Police said they found Holt and Meadows as they were breaking into a car. Meadows tried to run away but officers caught him.

Meadows was found with a hypodermic needle and a metal spoon along with stolen prescription medication, police said. He is charged with receiving stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Holt is charged with receiving stolen property, according to police.



Define ‘unpredictable.’ Unpredictable as in you say something off color about your buddy’s new girlfriend and make the party uncomfortable for everyone for the rest of the night, or unpredictable as in 50% of your face is tatted and you break into cars solely to support your opioid addiction? You see, every guy in your group of friends serves a purpose. You got your funny fat guy, you probably have your token black guy, in my case I’m the bald guy, but every good crew has to have the ruffian of the bunch. The guy that isn’t scared to mix things up, push the envelope, and always has a hilarious story to tell at the end of the night. There’s a fine line between being the edgy cool guy and the total wild card of the group though. Wild card guy is hit or miss. One night he’s standing on the bar corralling a group of hot babes back to come back to your place for after hours, the next night he’s passed out in an alley with no pants on. An invite to wild card guy is basically like playing Russian Roulette with your group of friends. You have to ask yourself, is having a guy who will potentially smash a few car windows and steal a couple radios worth a laugh or two at the end of a long night out on the town? Not in my book. Personally, I have enough nefarious characters I have to deal with on a nightly basis. Sorry Craig, you can’t sit with us. That’s not how my crew rolls.

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