Surveillance Video Of the Reading Road Shootout Is Just a Tad Intense


Via- WLWT Cincinnati

Cincinnati police are investigating a gunfight on Reading Road that sent one bullet through a Metro bus window and others into a Shell gas station.

Gunfire broke out in the 2100 block of Reading Road around 2 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

Metro confirmed that a window on a bus was hit and one person was cut on the knee by broken glass. Police said a child on the bus was evaluated at the scene, but was not transported to the hospital.

Metro said the 22-year veteran bus driver acted appropriately in moving the bus from the scene and calling for help.

Two other bullets went through a Shell gas station window and struck a TV monitor.

“We have 32 cameras here. They cost around $6,000 spent here for the security system, and look what happened to it,” gas station manager Mohamed Ahmed said.

Part of the gunfight was caught on surveillance video and a man in a blue shirt can be seen returning fire at what appears to be a silver Honda stopped in the southbound lanes of Reading Road. The gunman can be seen talking on his cellphone while shooting at the car.

Inside the gas station, it was a close call. One bullet went past the clerk working at the time.

“God saved him today for some reason,” Ahmed said. “Everybody hit the ground and we started calling the police. We call the police every day here. We get threatened by people who are going to kill us every day here.”

Officers found 14 shell casings near the scene, but no victims.



No one should have to dodge bullets on their way to work in the morning. This isn’t ‘Nam for Christ’s sake. One minute you’re sitting there listening to your Steve Harvey self help book, then before you know it you’re dancing with the nickel 9. Fucked up, right? That’s not how that’s supposed to work. Only two things are supposed to happen when you’re riding the bus: 1.) Listen to your iPhone and 2.) avoid contact with everyone. No eye contact, no talking, no nothing. Just face forward and think about how unfortunate you are to have to take the Metro to work every morning. Honestly if your bus is gonna take fire it’s probably best you just eat one of those rounds in the face and get it over with. You don’t need an attempted murder clouding what’s already bound to be another stressful, shitty day at work or school.




PS- Opening fire in a neighborhood where kids play and innocent civilians make their daily commutes is about as bad as it gets and I hope this dude gets served his fair share of cold justice, but I kind of dig the talking on the phone during a shootout move. Doesn’t get much cockier than that. I’m not really about that life so maybe I’m a little off base when I say this, but there’s no way I’m gonna fuck with a guy who has the stones to pull out the nina mid conversation and start busting caps without missing a beat. That’s definitely the guy who peppers public transit and doesn’t give two shits. No way you win a street vendetta against that guy. Not a chance.

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