Rate the 2015 All-Star Game Hats

asg hats 1

asg hats 2

Love the old-school pillbox idea. I really dig how the Reds are sticking with the throwback theme for this year’s All-Star Game, but I gotta see these bad boys on somebody’s dome before I pass full judgement. Could be awesome, could be ridiculous. Sort of like when I try to wear Jordans. They look sweet on display, but once I have them on my feet I just look like a total idiot. Can’t do ’em.

3 fire

Three flames.

PS- Why not just say fuck it and go full throwback? I’m talking the oversized wool uni’s, tree trunks for bats, and no pitch counts. How entertaining would it be to watch Kershaw try to battle through a torn UCL on his 238th pitch while Miguel Cabrera sits in the dugout ripping tequila shots and crushing hot dogs? You’d watch, even though I don’t think Miggy would probably be too welcome on baseball diamond circa 1886.

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