Turns Out Passing Out Drunk In a Radio Shack Parking Lot Actually Does Get You Arrested and Newport High’s Head Football Coach Found Out the Hard Way


Via- WCPO Cincinnati

NEWPORT, Ky. — Newport High School’s athletic director and head football coach issued an apology Monday after being charged with public intoxication, possession of marijuana, and resisting arrest last week.

“I want to take this opportunity to apologize to my wife, my children, my players, our students, the school administration, and the Newport community for the poor judgment I exercised on Friday,” Matt Schmitz said in statement released to the media. “I am embarrassed about my actions and I realize I will face the consequences for those actions.”

Schmitz was arrested at 1:55 a.m. Friday after a Newport police officer found him passed out inside his car parked with the motor running in front of the Radio Shack on Carothers Road.

“After opening the door I immediately smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle,” the arresting officer wrote in his citation.

The officer’s report goes on to state that when Schmitz woke up he put his hand on the stick as if he were going to drive away. Police had to forcefully remove him from his car.

Schmitz was booked into the Campbell County Detention Center around 2:30 a.m. and charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, possession of marijuana, and resisting arrest.

Schmitz promised “to make better choices in the future and take all steps necessary to ensure that this type of behavior will never happen again.”



Ah, the trials and tribulations of life without football. High school coaches have it the worst. Think about it. College coaches are busy jetting coast to coast trying to find the next big stud to receive illegal benefits win conference championship rings and pro coaches have the draft and OTA’s and arguments about deflated footballs to keep them busy. Meanwhile high school coaches are stuck over here kicking sod on the very same field they lost their virginity on thirty years earlier. Maybe they get to host a few kids camps or supervise a few weightlifting sessions so that their players don’t harass the girl’s softball team while they’re in there, but outside of that, there’s a lot of free time to be had if you’re calling the shots as a high school head honcho. Like free time spent lit like a Christmas tree passed out in your car in a local Radio Shack parking lot. I mean c’mon, who didn’t see this coming? High school coaches are already a little off as is. They spend ridiculous hours away from their families/real life hanging out with teenage kids for basically peanuts. Pile on an offseason filled with nothing and at that point you’re just asking for trouble. Honestly I’d rather have my coach out and about instead of sitting around burning himself out on old game film before the season even begins. Don’t want him to pull a Mr. Coach Klein and lose his mind in the prime of his career. I think Coach Taylor said it best: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Sometimes you gotta live a little to win football games. Seems to have worked out well for the Ryan brothers.

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