How About This Kid Who Was Arrested For Returning To the Scene Of the Crime To Get His Hat?

hat guy


EASTLAKE, Ohio — An 18-year-old Willoughby man eluded police officers during a pursuit, but was taken into custody when he returned to the crime scene for his lost hat, police said.

Otha Montgomery was arrested in connection with the incident that happened about 2:15 a.m. Tuesday. He is being held at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on a $3,500 bond.

An officer tried to stop Montogmery’s car after he ran a red light on SOM Center Road, according to an arrest report. Montgomery sped up and turned on to East 348th Street and then on to Stevens Boulevard.

He pulled into a driveway, bailed from the car and ran, police said. A man in the passenger’s seat gave police Montgomery’s description, including the black baseball cap he was wearing.

Investigators stopped a man — later identified as Montgomery — walking near Glen Drive. Montgomery told police that he was walking to a friend’s house. He was not arrested.

Montgomery later returned to the scene where the pursuit ended and gave officers a detailed description of a hat he was looking for, reports show. Police found that hat in a flowerbed and arrested Montgomery.

He denied being the driver, police said. Back at the police station, Montgomery called a friend and told the story of the pursuit, police said.

Montgomery is charged with failing to comply with a police order, obstructing official business and various traffic violations. He pleaded not guilty in Willoughby Municipal Court Wednesday.



Being a bit of hat guy myself, I know what’s it’s like to own a dope lid or two. Summer is all but here and unless you want to be burnt so badly people chase you around trying to light their cigarettes off your dome you better have yourself a fresh brim ready to go. You think prison is bad? Try walking into the office when you’re head is so red even an apple looks pale. You ever hear of sunscreen, man? Get a little sun this weekend? Medium or well done? Honestly I’d consider incarceration over having to hear those awful one liner’s that are sure to be hurled your way. Not saying I’d make that trade, I don’t want to go to jail, but I certainly won’t sit here and call this dude a moron for trying to salvage his lid. Listen, I’m the bald dude of the crew. If anyone knows the importance of having a favorite hat, it’s me.

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Happy ‘Morial Day, Ya’ll

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