Joey Votto Walked On Three Pitches Yesterday

joey walk

Pitch 1: Strike (called)
Pitch 2: Ball 1
Pitch 3: Strike (swinging)
Pitch 4: Foul
Pitch 5: Ball 2
Pitch 6: Ball 3……take your base


Full disclosure, I wasn’t watching when this happened because I had one hell of a weekend and fell asleep on the couch during the game, but for the life of me I still don’t know how things like this happen in 2015. There are no less than a billion cameras at every MLB game and we have strike zone trackers and calculate every measurable statistic under the sun, but every year you see someone forget the count or how many outs there are or something basic that even a tee ball umpire should nail. Not like it matters though. Joey probably would have walked anyways because Joey is one bad motherfucker.

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