Daily Links, June 2: Sexxx Education

june2 links

This Teacher Who Took Her Middle School Students To a Minnesota Sex Shop May Be On To Something: Some kid is gonna pull out a condom in the locker room and open up Pandora’s box anyway so you may as well hit the XXX store and get it over with.

Star Tribune

CRAZY Footage Of South Carolina Police Pulling a Man From a Burning Car: Yea but I bet they would have gotten there faster if he was white though.


Here Are the Top 5 Cities Where People Will Cheat This Summer: Cuffing season is over so if bae starts getting plowed on the side it’s kinda your fault too.

Your Tango

College Counselors Are Keeping It Too Real and Advising Their Asian Students To “Be Less Asian”: I already made one racist joke on the blog today, not gonna open up this can of worms (They really do, though).

Boston Globe

This Time Lapse Of the 11 Year World Trade Center Construction Is Some Serious Freedom Porn: Pretty riveting stuff. Fuck you terrorists.


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