Don’t Mess With People’s Naked Wives On Vacation Or They Might Fight the Entire Hotel Staff and the Police Like This Polish Guy Did

polish dude

polish chick


Via- Hurriyet Daily News

A Polish couple has been deported from Turkey with a five-year travel ban after a man injured seven people, including two police officers, in a drunken rage after finding his wife nude at their hotel’s pool in the southwestern Turkish province of Marmaris.

The couple, Mercin Tomasz Flakiewicz and Jolanta Irena Flakiewicz, arrived in Marmaris from the U.K. and allegedly consumed alcohol from midday until 11:00 p.m. on May 31, despite having been warned multiple times over disturbing other guest at the hotel.

According to reports, Jolanta Irena Flakiewicz removed her clothing and sniped at hotel customers whilst
walking around the hotel’s pool naked, as her husband was inebriated.

Hotel employees then roused the man, asking him to intervene. However, he instead attacked an employee and two Russian tourists who were relaxing by the pool.

In his testimony to the police, the man claimed he became angry after finding his wife naked.
“I got frustrated when I saw my wife nude and I engaged in aggressive behavior,” he said.

Unable to bring the couple under control, the hotel called the police for help, but the couple also attacked the two arriving policemen. Only after the use of teargas could the couple be handcuffed and taken under custody.

The couple continued their aggressive acts at the police station. After initially attacking a translator who was called in to help with their testimonies, they later smashed two computer monitors and a fax machine. The woman also urinated in the observation room.

All six victims, except for the translator, filed complaints against the couple, which were later sent to court.

In his testimony, Mercin Tomasz Flakiewicz claimed their drinks had been drugged, which caused their aggressive behavior.

It was decided the couple would be deported with a five-year travel restriction to Turkey. The couple was brought to Dalaman Airport under police supervision and they were returned to the United Kingdom.



For those of you who have been reading QCBL from the jump, you’ve probably noticed that I try to keep the stories I blog about as Cincinnati/Ohio centric as possible, but every now and then a story comes along that is just so ridiculous, so absurd that no matter where in the world things happen I have no choice but to write about it. This would be one of those stories.

Nobody likes to be told what to do on vacation. Week in and week out you probably take pointless orders from your boss or your teachers and spend every working hour filling out useless Excel spreadsheets or scantrons five days a week. Even if you own your own business and you’re the HNIC you still have to deal with whiny customers or clients and at some point you end up sitting in your office like the rest of us with the blinds drawn and the lights off just waiting for the grueling work week to come mercilessly to an end. When you’re on vacation, that’s your chance to escape. Your chance to forget about the corporate rat race and live life on your own terms without having to take shit from anybody. The last thing you want to deal with is some foreign bellhop bothering you about your wife strutting her stuff at the hotel pool. No one wants to deal with that shit on vacation. All anyone wants to do is kick back and drink Long Island’s all day and not have to fight your wife, the hotel staff, and the local police on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Word to all you hotel workers out there, don’t want to deal with lunatic foreigners getting piss poor drunk and fighting everyone in sight? Then don’t bother anyone and just let the guests enjoy their free time in peace and in the buff.


Russian Bros

Crazy bold move picking a fight with two Russian bro’s in a foreign land. One of my rules in life is to just assume that every Russian dude has connections to the Russian Mob and win, lose, or draw you’ll end up getting waxed in the middle of the street by masked gunmen like Denzel in Training Day.

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