Humpday Hottie: Beyonce Being Vegan


Let me be crystal clear, I’m NOT a Beyonce guy. In fact, I’m an anti-Beyonce guy. I think her whole persona is fake as shit and her music isn’t that good and a million other reasons I could go on for days about but I’m not going to. Having said that, I’m a curious young guy who loves to learn new things, so I tip my cap to Bey for letting us all know that you can still have a rockin’ body even if you are a vegan. I always assumed vegans sort of straddled that line between skinny fat hipster and Holocaust survivor, and even though making all your millions of follwers wake up at the crack of wee-wee just so they can see your “big announcement” to the world that you’ve gone vegan is a shady move, shouts to Bey for teaching me something new today.

bey 2



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