Kings Island Roller Coaster ‘DiamondBack’ Got Stuck With People On Board… No Thanks


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Via- WCPO Cincinnati

MASON, Ohio – About 30 riders were stranded on a roller coaster at Kings Island Wednesday afternoon after a safety system shut down the ride.

The “Diamondback” roller coaster shut down at about 2:40 p.m., according to park spokesman Don Helbig. About 30 riders were on the train, which was on an incline when it stopped.

After 15 minutes, park officials decided to take the people off the ride, Helbig said. The process normally takes about an hour as crews make their way up the train, removing a few passengers at a time.

Helbig compared the issue to a “check engine light” turning on in a car.

Diamondback was reopened within a few hours.



Well, it happened, people. Basically everyone that has ever stepped foot on a roller coaster’s worst fear just became a reality. We’ve all heard the urban legends about screws coming loose or some kid falling out of seat during a loop, but those were just tall tales your dickhead friend used to tell to make himself seem all tough in front of the chick whose mom dropped you off in her minivan. Getting stuck at the top of the hill though, that shit happens. Not very often, but it happens. The real question we need to ask ourselves here is is it justified to kill this maintenance guy? I think so. Kind of like in that movie A Time To Kill when Samuel L. Jackson’s daughter gets assaulted and he goes berserk and kills everyone involved but the jury says he’s innocent because that’s pretty much what anyone would do in that situation. Basically the exact same thing. Getting stuck on top of a thrill ride like that is an absolute nightmare scenario for anyone who is scared of heights (and who isn’t, really?) so I think if you’re the guy responsible for putting a bunch of poor, bratty, pre-teens in a tight spot like that you probably don’t deserve to be walking this Earth anymore. Not on my watch.

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