Is This Kid Who Caused $70,000 Worth Of Damage To a Golf Course a Vandal Or a Visionary In the Game Of Golf?

Carl caddyshack


Via- WLWT CIncinnati

NORTH BEND —The grounds crew at Aston Oaks Golf Course in North Bend is working to clean up after weekend vandalism.

Someone drove an SUV over parts of the course, tearing up the turf. Matthew Pittman, 19, was in court, charged with vandalism and reckless operation.

He was arrested at his home in Cleves after police found a Ford Explorer crashed and abandoned in a creek at the course.

Aston Oaks owner Drew Macke said he was alerted to the mess early Sunday morning when a golfer spotted the damage. Part of the green on hole 15 was torn up and a large section of the fairway on hold 16 was also damaged.

Grounds workers were already making repairs to the green, but the fairway will take longer to repair. Macke has new sod on order to replace the entire fairway.

The cost of the damage is estimated at $70,000 to $100,000. That includes the cost of labor and materials and the possibility of lost business.

Macke said sowing new sod in summer is labor-intensive and may require his workers to water it four times a day.

Despite the damage, Aston Oaks is open for play. Macke says he’s had a lot of phone calls from league players and others who want to know if they can still tee off today.



I think this kid might be onto something here. It used to be whenever you screwed up on a hole, you threw your club or snapped it against a tree, but that’s soooo last year. Everyone is doing it. Even the PGA guys are throwing fits and ditching the 8 iron from time to time:

So mainstream. So basic.

Maybe from now on when you melt down on hole number six, instead of throwing your club, maybe you just decide to take your SUV for a little off road excursion and do a couple donuts on the 18th green. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to let everybody in your scramble know you’ve blown a gasket and you’re just looking to set off some fireworks before you tee up again. Gotta let the greenskeeper know his hole placement is isn’t worth buffalo shit on a nickel. Gotta let the course architect know that dogleg left that made you shank three tee shots into the woods is bush league shit. Anyone that’s ever hit the links knows that golf can be a frustrating game and sometimes you just gotta blow off a little steam. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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