LeBron James Lost Another Championship and the Response From Black Twitter Was About As Good As You’d Expect




Take a bow, #BlackTwitter. Seriously, throw some roses on stage. True to form in 2015, Twitter’s dogging of LeBron after that game six loss was about as masterful as James’ performance on the court through the first five games of that series. I’m sure it doesn’t help LeBron’s case that he’s a dramatic, thin-skinned crybaby who acts like a sixteen year old girl and posts ridiculous Instagram selfies, but Bron Bron was getting faced either way. The NBA Finals are basically #BlackTwitter’s Super Bowl. Everyone brought their A-game, their best Jordan/LeBron/Kobe arguments, and the entire world’s supply of crying emoji’s, ‘BRUH’s’ , and Denzel memes. Twitter was absolutely JUMPING last night. Let’s take a look at the best of the best:


Drake + LeBron memes are what Twitter lives for.

That baby’s face and that guy’s name alone made this tweet.

How this meme didn’t get more play during basketball season is beyond me.

Never a wrong time for a well placed Friday reference.

Riley Curry memes got played out faster than anything in the history of the Internet, but that Fetty Wap dig is A+.

Never forget.

Still love the Denzel and Crying Jordan memes and can’t no one tell me otherwise.

Kermit taking a bottle of Henney to the dome is about to get some rotational play in my Twitter memes from here on out.


Always a tear jerker.

RKO Vines still run the Internet.



How dope was that Drake and Nas Sprite plug? I can’t tell if a “Know yourself know your worth” Sprite can is the douchiest thing ever or a collectors item you gotta save and throw up on the mantle.


I’m leaning towards the latter.

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