The Infamous ‘Sock Hat Bandit’ Is In Custody After A Wild Inter-State Police Chase

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Via- WLWT Cincinnati

FORT WRIGHT, Ky. —Investigators said a suspect taken into custody after a bank robbery Thursday is the Sock Hat Bandit, responsible for several robberies in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Brian Parnell of Dayton, Ohio, was arrested Thursday after a robbery at the Fifth Third Bank, located at 2065 Declaration Drive in Independence, Kentucky.

The robbery happened just before 12:45 p.m. Police said Parnell entered the bank and presented a note demanding cash.

Parnell fled with more than $1,000, the FBI said.

After Parnell fled a pursuit ensued involving multiple area law enforcement agencies.

Kenton County police said a deputy who was working a traffic crash on I-275 spotted a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle.

The deputy said the driver of the maroon Honda Civic was ramming into other vehicles in an effort to get through blocked traffic. At least two vehicles were hit, authorities said.

“The vehicle was pursued into Covington, Kentucky, where the suspect crashed his vehicle into a tree and fled on foot,” Independence Police Capt. John Lonaker said.

Covington police officers were able to catch Parnell on Beech Avenue, about a mile away from his crashed car.

Parnell was taken into custody at 12:58 p.m. and was taken back to Independence.

“He was going so fast,” Kerry Borchers who lives on Beech Street where the chase ended, said. “He wasn’t even thinking about stopping. He was going so fast, out of control and the cops were right on him.”

Borchers says her grandson was on his bike in the street and just missed being hit.

“It was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I mean, I had a panic attack. I ran in the house, locked the doors with the boys. My boys were screaming and crying. It was really bad,” Borchers said.

Parnell is facing several charges, including robbery, wonton endangerment and fleeing.

The FBI will be leading the investigation.



Dillinger, Capone, Nelson, Sock Hat Bandit. From now on when you think of the all time great crooks, you gotta throw the Sock Hat Bandit into the mix. Honestly I’m shocked Sock Hat Bandit didn’t get more national attention. Probably because everyone was busy paying attention to the New York prison break and yesterday’s South Carolina church slayings, and rightfully so. Senseless violence that rocks a community and a nation will always take precedence in the news and definitely deserves everyone’s thoughts and prayers, but for the story’s sake, let’s recap the saga of the Sock Hat Bandit. Sock Hat Bandit was wanted by the FBI for knocking over ten banks in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky and was able to duck the Feds for a solid month before finally going down in a epic inter-state car chase. No, that isn’t the plot of the next shoot ’em up crime thriller, that’s just life in the rough and tumble streets of Southwest Ohio. Normally I don’t get down with thieving scum, but if you’re gonna rob banks for a living, you better have the three B’s going for you: Balls, brains, and bravado. Check, check, and check for Sock Bandit. I don’t know about you, but I’m #TeamSockBandit for life.

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