Cincinnati’s Adrien ‘The Problem’ Bronner Lost To Shawn Porter Via Unanimous Decision Last Night


bronner box score

Not great stuff from Cincinnati’s own Adrien “The Problem” Bronner. Unless you’re Floyd and you’ve never lost a fight, sometimes when you step in that ring it’s just not your night. You don’t have you’re best stuff or the guy across from you is just a straight up better fighter than you are, but that’s no need to start throwing no look punches and putting your hands all over a man’s face.

I’m certainly one for a little flare and bravado in sports, but if you’re getting your ass kicked on in front of everyone maybe it’s not the worst idea in the world to put your tail between your legs and take that beat down like a man. Maybe save the girlfriend line for a day when you didn’t just get pummeled on national television?

I don’t know when people are gonna realize that when you step in the ring with Adrien Bronner this is what you’re going to get. Kind of like when T.O. was still in The League. Guys like that make sure that the actual competition itself isn’t the only entertainment you’re paying for. I mean, when you’re talking about a guy who flushes $20 dollar bills down the toilet because they aren’t $100’s, hitting the whip and showing up in William Wallace’s kilt is just part of the deal.


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