Does Rihanna Throwing Stacks Of Money In This Guy’s Face Make Her the Most Intimidating Chick On the Planet?



Has to, right? I don’t care if this was a staged skit at the BET Awards, Rihanna is DEFINITELY the type of chick that would throw a couple stacks in your face just to let you know that she’s richer and more important than you are and that RiRi always gets what RiRi wants. Just about the most disrespectful thing a human being can do to another human being.

Every bar you walk into always has that one chick that’s just in a league of her own. The type of chick you and your boys spot from across the way and know in your heart of hearts that there’s not a chance in hell you could even get close enough to smell one of her farts even on your best Friday night. You probably stand there all night talking about the unspeakable things you’d do just to have the opportunity to give her the buck job, but unless you’re a baller or a movie star or some trust fund billionaire there’s no way a broad like that would even consider giving an average Joe like you the time of day. Rihanna is that chick times infinity. The type of chick that might give you a face full of Benjamins the second you try to lay down some wack ass line not even phase her.

So to answer the original question, yes. Rihanna is absolutely the most intimidating chick on planet Earth right now and it’s not even close. A clear cut no. 1 when the polls come out on Tuesday morning and until Nicki or Bey or somebody else pelts some poor sap in the face with a couple stacks, Bad Girl RiRi takes the cake as the baddest bitch on Earth.

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