Attention Ladies: Three Bill No. 69 Is In the House Tonight

3 bill

h/t- @KevinGilles

Is anyone surprised that our boy Three Bill is a 69ing machine? Everyone knows big gals love to go down on dudes, so why wouldn’t a guy want to go down on his lady friends if he’s pushing three bills? Lots of double standards in this country, but big dudes playing tongue twister isn’t one of them. You have to work with what you got and not everyone is fortunate enough to have the body of a Greek god, so if you gotta toss a salad or two after a romantic night at the yard then so be it. I love Three Bill no. 69 and there’s an open spot on the QCBL roster with his name written all over it.

About Q-Ball

Owner, operator AKA The Commish. Q-Ball is that asshole at the office who refuses to brew a fresh pot of coffee. Not because he doesn't want to, he's just too embarrassed to admit that he doesn't know how.
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