Mohammed Sanu Casually Booting 60 Yard Field Goals Of the Day



Well look who’s at it again. What a week for your boy Mo Sanu. Most NFL guys are in Bora Bora with the wifey or throwing big faces in the local strip clubs this time of year, but Mo is busy tickling the twine from 80 feet and nailing 60 yard field goals like it’s nothing. So much for setting the bar low. I have no idea how trick shots and practice field goals will translate into on field performance, but with athleticism like that I’m psyched to see how Sanu fits into our pass catching rotation this year. That four headed monster of Green, Jones, Eifert, and Sanu is going to be an absolute handful.

Oh, and Mo, don’t forget that those field goals don’t count ’til you bury one in a real game.

Chad the GOAT.

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