UC Officially Switches To Under Armour Effective IMMEDIATELY



Gee, looks familiar.

Need one of these in The Penthouse for my new blogging couch, STAT!



If you’d have told me five years ago that UC was going to make the switch to Under Armour in the summer of 2015 I probably would have thrown up right there on the spot. Red Gatorade and Spaghettios all over everyone’s shoes. But, low and behold, here we are and I’m just as jazzed about the switch to UA as anyone there is. The only real beef I have is where are the dope new jerseys? Where are the chrome football helmets? Where are the Steph Curry basketball shoes? I know the uniforms themselves don’t technically drop until August, but don’t tell me you’re switching to UA on July 1 and not really switch to UA on July 1. I’m gonna need a lot more than a few stickers on the walls of the locker room before I can call it official. I need me some product, I need me some lavish uniform release parties a la TCU had back in April

I’m talking smoke, lasers, pyrotechnics, beep bop music, and chicks in cut offs dancing around on stage. The works. UC pulled the old “in select theaters July, 1, premiers everywhere in August” trick straight from Hollywood’s playbook. I guess we’ll just have to wait until August for the real blockbuster stuff to happen.

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