Reds Assistant Hitting Coach Arrested For Driving Impaired

lee tinsley

Via- WCPO Cincinnati

CARRROLLTON, Ky. — A Cincinnati Reds assistant hitting coach was arrested Thursday on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lee Tinsley, 46, was booked into the Carroll County Jail at 11:15 a.m. No other details on the arrest were immediately available.

Rob Butcher, Reds director of media relations, said the team was aware of the situation.



In addition to being an all around rip-roaring good time, there are a lot of valuable lessons to be learned on the 4th. Namely the story of America’s independence, don’t light off fireworks too close to your own face, and don’t be a Reds assistant hitting coach that gets pinched for driving drunk in podunk Kentucky towns.

Couple things about the arrest:

1. I honestly had zero idea the Reds have an assistant hitting coach. Sounds like one of those jobs the head honcho just makes up as an excuse to bring another one of his cronies on board, which if that’s the case, then have a ball, Lee Tinsley. My number one goal in life is to have a well paying, joke of a job with no real responsibilities.

Want to hear a joke? How many hitting coaches does it take to produce a painfully mediocre offensive lineup?

2. If you’re a Major League assistant hitting coach it’s probably not a bad idea to follow in the footsteps of the umpires or the third base coach and try to keep a low profile. Mail it in and fly under the radar because the only time fans will know your name as an assistant hitting coach is a.) Your team couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat, or b.) You get arrested for OVI in Carrolton, KY.

Seriously though, guys. The boys are out in full force this weekend so don’t be the next guy to spend all weekend on your back looking up at the ceiling in a holding cell somewhere. Drive safe, or better yet, call a cab. Happy 4th, everyone.

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