Katherine Webb, Dee Bonner and the Entire McCarron Clan Brought the Girls Out To Play On Independence Day For America



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Beach day with the bae #orangebeach

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For the past 48 hours just about every girl in America has been busy Instagramming fireworks shows and her every waking move from Independence Day weekend and I think I speak for every red blooded American male when I say that while we’re just dying to see those pictures of that same fireworks display you’ve been at for the last five years, the only real reason we probably hopped on IG in the first place is to see some smoking hot bikini shots and beach poses. Note to self, ladies: Less pictures of fireworks, random animals, and inspirational quotes, more bikinis and vacation shots. Hey, I didn’t make the rules. On the outside, we might look like your knight in shining armor, but deep down we’re all just the same degenerate scumbags that prefer as little clothing as possible. So shout out to the McCarron clan for not being basic bitches and giving the people what they asked for because that’s what we want and that’s what America is all about. God bless the McCarron family and God bless the U.S. of A.

PS- Love the guy on the left letting it all hang out for the cameras. I’ll be damned if George Washington crossed the Deleware for a country that’s gonna look down on a guy for going tits out for the boys on the beach for 4th of July Weekend. Free country = free titties. Let it fly, man. For freedom.

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